Founded by tech industry veterans, we intend on building a team that can support enterprise networks and put businesses goals first. Our founders’ have 50 years of collective experience. We have a professionally trained and certified support team for both level 1 and 2 support. This means that you get most of your questions answered on the first call.


Network Antics Network IT Consulting
Network IT Consultants

Find the best solution for your IT needs. We can help you with risk assessment, break and repairs, network IT Support & design, and more.

Managed IT Services

Add professional IT help to your business without hiring more staff. We offer a whole suite of modern IT security services, out of compliance alerts to our help desk, server support, work from anywhere support, and more.

Office 365 Migrations

Make sure you are in good hands with our Office 365 Migration experts. We help with discovery, implementation, migration of user data, and training.

DIY Project

Sometimes we get leaned on from novice Network IT Consultants and do it yourself IT support services individuals for some guidance. Check out our blogs as a helpful resource for getting things like basic Synology IT support to more advance troubleshooting of Microsoft 365 Support Services.

Meet The Team

Michael Antic

I am the owner and founder of NetorkAntics and, I’ve gotta say, I love small businesses! My team and I provide an IT solution worth 1$M at a fraction of the cost. This allows small businesses to focus on what they are really good at, and not get lost in the IT weeds. Over the past 20 years, I have worked in multiple industries, including: local city government, sports apparel, semiconducting, software, IT startup, and health and nutrition. I filled many roles, such as: help desk, network engineer, IT administration, and IT management. Regardless of the industry, I have always been obsessed with optimizing operations and getting the most “bang for the buck.” I enjoy improving business workflows and processes by utilizing both new and improving technologies.

On a more personal note, I am currently reintroducing myself to the world of giving back, now that I have  the time to do so, and many of us are no longer sheltering in place. I especially enjoy assisting young adults, aging out of the foster care system, by helping them establish their professional footing. I work to establish micro mentorships, focusing on creating connections, solving problems, and, eventually, building successful businesses together. Lastly, I honestly can’t wait to get back into house building in Tijuana. I’ve been lucky enough to be involved with an amazing Mexican organization that builds approximately 50 houses a year. The houses are built with a “hand up” not “hand out” mentality. Microloans are provided for each family in need which are paid off after 5 years.

When the work week is over, like anyone else, I have to decompress. You might find me: in the gym, on the boardwalk skateboarding, snowboarding (anywhere but Big Bear!) hiking, playing soccer, watching the San Diego Padres and Bay Area teams (Warriors, A’s, 49ers) at the local bar, paddle boarding to possibly another bar, at a beer tasting room in Tijuana, or globetrotting in search of the smallest bar. I love reuniting with friends across the world for a month or two at a time and connecting with new people from all walks of life.

Carsel B

I’ve been in IT now for approximately 25 years. I’ve really enjoyed both watching and being a part of the progression of technology.  I love working with cloud based applications that are hosted on premise data centers, and public or private data clouds which offer the highest level of application performance.  I have a passion for tinkering especially in the Virtualization vertical.  It never ceases to amaze me how a single physical server can be a home for so many other servers. I love working with these technologies but I like to think I have a nice work, life balance.

In my younger years you could find me at the local rec center (when I wasn’t working or working to be the best dad I can be.) Some of my areas of interest include: Star Wars, 80’s Marvel comics, and 90’s Hip Hop, and video games. My favorite superhero is “Black Panther” because his powers seem possibly attainable although fictitious.

My video games of choice for the last 4 years have been DESTINY and DESTINY 2.

Hanh W

I handle AP & AR for my team at NetworkAntics. I have over 30 years’ experience in the accounting field, including accounts payable and receivable, with expertise in several accounting software programs and international corporate communications. 

Prior to Network Antics, I worked as a bookkeeper in a number of companies with branches around the world, ranging in size from just a few employees to major corporations with hundreds of employees speaking multiple languages. 

I have a keen appreciation for customer satisfaction, business deadlines in different time zones, and the importance of patience and clear communication in diverse business environments.

With experience in office management for both small and large companies, I know the value of treating all clients with courtesy and respect, as well as treating all employees as members of the team and making our Network Antics office and cyber environment a positive place to be. 

Blessed with great energy and good health, I love to travel to many places around the world. I also enjoy hiking and swimming any chance I get.  Cooking for my large family is also one of my favorite things to do.  I am an organized multitasker, and proud to be fluent in Vietnamese. 

IT Specialist

I have worked with multiple industries, in various roles, over the past 15 years. These have included: government, higher education, construction, sales, desktop publishers, help desk, computer repair, system administrator, and network engineer. In all of these years I enjoyed working with tech and love to learn, implement new technology, and try to troubleshoot almost every tech gadget in the universe.

My mantra for new technologies is that they bring productivity and flexibility to your employees, but the right technology can be implemented poorly. The secret ingredient for a successful deployment is who implements the new technology.

I love to travel, meet new people, experience new cultures, religions, art, music, and history. San Diego is one of those places where you can experience cultural and food diversity.  You just have to know where to find it.

Janice Z

My day to day role is to make sure Mike has the data necessary to make sound decisions!  I help to make sure that no project or ticket goes idle, and I follow up with our busy clientele to make sure we get projects done in a timely manner.

Prior to this role, I worked in the medical field, among others. Reading medical books has also always caught my attention. I love the idea of learning new things about the world around us and learning about developments and inventions. I love the medical field but I eventually fell into working for other industries. The roles I filled in the past were at customer service centers.  This built a customer first attitude into my DNA.

However, my family is where my heart is. We love to hang out, watch movies, play video games and we love to eat at our favorite restaurants and explore new ones. During my younger years, I was quite sporty!  I played many sports but excelled most in playing billiards.  I even received a gold medal for an inter-site tournament!  I also enjoyed bar hopping for all the good music. My go to stress reliever is definitely singing with friends!

Sarah M

Throughout my career, I have enjoyed doing work that helps other people. I have spent most of my time in the NonProfit sector, but have realized I have the potential to help others in any sector. I have enjoyed assisting NetWorkAntics with various projects, and am excited to continue to help as the company grows. I love the fact that NetworkAntics helps other by making sure each dollar goes as far as it can in providing a secure IT infrastructure so that each company can focus on their company, and not the IT details.

When I’m not working, I love spending time with my girlfriend and friends. I love to be in nature, or participating in anything artistic. I especially love to sing and take pictures. Before COVID days, I loved to go watch movies, but am not quite ready to go sit in a theater again yet!

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