Canon MX setup basics

Canon MX setup varies between MX models.  In this MFP printer scenario, we break down a Canon MX 512 and MX860 most commonly used features in a home office environment and how to troubleshoot some items when your Canon MX series printer fails.


Troubleshooting Canon MX Series printers

Canon support is pretty legit.  The number is 1-800-OK-CANON (1-800-652-2666).   Common issues are printer head problems and scanner issues.

One or all Computers?Canon Printer Support

A good way to figure out if you have something failing on the Canon itself and not the computer is to see what computers can make a copy.  A printer hardware failure is most likely if all computers are having the same print issues.  DO NOT UNINSTALL SOFTWARE IF ALL COMPUTERS ARE FAILING TO PRINT OR SCAN.  ***Read steps below first***

A simple fix could be as easy as changing the Mac address on the computer to point from wired to wireless or vice versa.  Sometimes, a new Sonicwall router could disrupt the configuration too.  Finally, there’s a basic driver called WS that Windows provides… Avoid it.


Poor Print Quality – Possible Head Issue – Canon Response

I understand you are receiving poor print quality from the PIXMA MX860. I can help you.

I know you mention the body of the document is not printing but the header and footer is. In order to determine if there something on the printer that is not allow ink to eject you can print a nozzle check pattern. Click HERE.

On the printed nozzle check pattern, check for missing lines or horizontal white streaks. Above the cyan color bar, is the grid for PGBK displayed?

If there is no PGBK grid on the nozzle check pattern, remove the PGBK ink cartridge and place it back in. Make sure the ink cartridge is firmly seated in place. Close the cover, perform print head cleaning (Click HERE) and then have the nozzle check pattern print again.

Does your print quality improve?



Only One Computer Is having An IssueCheck hardware Connectivity

Go to Menu, settings, device settings, LAN Settings, confirm LAN settings, and WLAN settings if wireless

  • Is there Cannon setup for Wireless or Wired?
    • Check the back for wired connectivity.  Reference the ProTip! below for connectivity and reference the wireless/wired section below.
      • Ping the IP of the printer.  It should reply back.  Access the web interface too!
  • Can they print?
    • Yes
    • No – Drivers are missing or the computer is simply not printing to the right device.  Please reference multiple sections below on drivers.
  • Can they scan?
    • Yes
    • No – Go to uninstall Canon Software Section but make sure you reference the ProTip! sections first to avoid simple mistakes.

Pro Tip!  Canon MX setupThe Canon 510mx series does not require USB connectivity for setup while other Canon MX series printers d0.  The Canon mx860 requires USB connectivity for setup.  Please reference the picture when trying to troubleshoot with people remotely.





Google Query for Drivers

Query “Canon mx 512 drivers” or whatever make and model you have and it will take you to the support site.


Wireless or LAN

The blue light with the international symbol for WiFi is the most notable indication that your printer is connected to your router/AP or Access Point via the WiFi SSID.


Canon MX setupCanon MX setup




Uninstall Canon Software

Scanner issues are the typical issue when working with Canon software.  It would be very beneficial to remove all Canon related items before troubleshooting and reinstalling all software.

ProTip!  Make note of where the current scan location is before uninstalling.

MX512 Software

Use the MX512 series Mini Master Setup and select “network” setup vs USB.  Then “printer is already connected to the network” for setting up a previously existing Canon printer on the network.

MX512 Driver

 MX860 Software

Use the MX860 series Mini Master Setup and select “network” setup vs USB.  Then “printer is already connected to the network” for setting up a previously existing Canon printer on the network.

MX860 Driver


Select the MX510 series MP Driver and use printer with wireless LAN if going the wireless route.  Then head over to the software tab for MP Navigator EX Ver. 5.1.1.  Once downloaded and installed, setup the scan folder under preferences for  “Scanner Button Settings”  Documents\My Scans.  Do the same when you save from the Windows interface instead of from the Canon as seen in the second pic.

Continue down to Scanner (MP Navigator) section…

MX 920 Software

  • MP Navigator EX Ver. 2.13 (Windows 8.1/8.1 x64/8/8 x64/7/7 x64/Vista/Vista64/XP/2000) mpnx_2_1-win-2_13-ea23_2.exe
    MP Navigator most likely does not work for newer Canon models such as this one.
  • MX920 series Mini Master Setup (Windows 8.1 x64/8 x64/7 x64/Vista64)  md6l-win-mx920-1_03-e2-2.exe

Use the MX860 series Mini Master Setup and select “network” setup vs USB.  Then “printer is already connected to the network” for setting up a previously existing Canon printer on the network.

MX920 Driver

Canon MX setupScanner Software Setup – MP Navigator

Note:  Newer Canon MX printers do not come with MP Navigator.  It comes with some terrible alternative.

Canon MX 512





 Canon MX Printer


Canon MX Setup Basics Summary

Not all Canon MX setup are equal.  In fact, they are very different and sometimes cumbersome but you can solve anything if you have your baseline skills to work with.


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