EMR Support Team

Building your company’s knowledge base with its relationship with NetworkAntics’ EMR support team can get you the answers you need, fast.

Based in San Diego, NetworkAntics’ Managed IT not only supports your network and its devices but it also takes calls for your 3rd party EMR support calls. Your tickets are created through our system and we will support your problem until final resolution. Our engineers are certified in a wide range of products of services and always aim for exceptional service. Part of that winning equation is building a knowledge base for your practice utilize at their leisure. We not only want to answer your questions but broaden your skillset through educating you on how your team could improve your workflow

2 thoughts on “EMR Support Team

  1. I need remote setup to ensure safety of my files. We use Synology 1511+ and Mac products with Apple extreme.
    This would enable us to remotely excess files safely and our team to excess files as well.

    If you would let us know a quote approx.

    Thank you

    1. We can assist with your Synology setup remotely. However, due to spam we don’t check our comments section often. Please use the contact form for quote/inquiries.

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