File Sharing Services

File Sharing Services

File sharing services have exploded in popularity for cloud usage since DropBox came around.  The struggles of communicating via email in a 5 meg or 10 meg world are real.  CAD files, Adobe files, and a lot of digital media place a real constraint on what you can share.  FTP just wasn’t cutting it.  Subscription services alleviate these issues but this solution quickly adds in the cost per user over infinite years of having the service.  The best subscription services are as follows:

  • Synology Cloudstation Drive
  • Egnyte
  • DropBox
  • Google Drive
  • Microsoft OneDrive
    • This is much better solution if used in conjunction with Sharepoint and Teams for businesses.

File Server Sharing with a Local Server

Host Your Own Cloud File Sharing – Synology CloudStation

Pay a little more up front and hooked in the Synology eco system offering a large suite of IT offerings to solve daily issues for your organization.

Login to the DSM:

You can use on the LAN to discover the Synology DiskStation Manager if you don’t know the credentials.

Active Directory Login:

User Name:

Workgroup Login:

User Name:  AdminLoginUserName\password


Please do not use the admin login unless absolutely necessary.  Admin logins always create the opportunity for disaster.  Limited or standard access does not have the destructive capability as the admin login does.

File Sharing Services

Shared Links

Copy the “shared link” into an email to share with the client or hyperlink some keywords to make the email more clean.








File Sharing Services

Website Login to Share Files is Messy – Windows or Mac Alternative

Setup Synology CloudStation then.  You will need it configured on the DSM and on the Windows or Mac client.  Once configured, you can simply open Windows File Explore, select CloudStation folder, the same folder/file, and right click to share.




File Sharing Services

Issues with this Setup

You or your organization is the host of this setup.  This requires some firewall hole poking to work.  This also means you will need a certificate from like GoDaddy to avoid scary messages like what is displayed below or simply tell your client to skip the message and proceed to the Synology DiskStation Manager login page.




File Sharing Services


Click “more information” and go to the web page.  This page is for Internet Explore.  Firefox, Edge, and Chrome all have their own versions of scary messages.




File Sharing Support Summary

FTP was the original gangster but file sharing has become a lot more robust and simplified since then.

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