Steps to HIPAA Compliance

Establish a Secure ePHI SystemHIPAA Compliance

  • Select an Electronic Health Records System (EHR)
  • Establish written policies and procedures
  • Define internal controls to safeguard the patient data

Assess the System and Data Risks

  • Comprehensive analysis of all systems and data risks
  • Determine existence and adequacy of written policies and procedures
    -Administrative matters
    -Technical systems
    -Physical environment
  • Determine whether policies are actually enforced/review written documentation of such facts
  • Examination of documents (eg)
    -Contracts (HIPAA compliance assurance by suppliers)
    -Personnel documents – Hiring, Termination, Disciplinary
  • Identify and evaluate risks to the patient data
  • Identify and report system threats and vulnerabilities

Setup up a system of reassurance activities to ensure ongoing compliance with policies

  • Eg – periodic updates of access passwords
  • Reinforcement of employment responsibilities regarding patient data
  • Assurance of license and CE renewals

Periodic Reassessment

  • As a minimum – Annually
  • Additionally when the practices undergoes a material change

Meaningful Use and CQM’s

  • Use the EMR software to produce all needed reports in PDF form
  • Store those reports as backup for certifications
  • File certifications and reports related to selected Meaningful Use requirements and required CQM data


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