Intune Support Guide for Mobile Device Management

Intune support guide for mobile device Management assists beginners trying to get into the game of supporting a modern IT network.  What the heck does that mean?  Traditional IT or Active Directory is based on LDAP while modern IT, what Intune is built on Microsoft Azure AD.  This is nothing more than an identity service. The identity service provides single sign using OAUTH2 or SAML. It is one of many components of the Microsoft 365 family.  This is not to say Traditional Active Directory and Azure Active Directory can’t work together in a hybrid universe but I really want to drive home the point that Intune is separate entity from Traditional AD and while Group Policies have been around for decades and therefore incredibly rich in features,  Intune is the future.  For those familiar with the basics, we have created shortcuts into some deep dive conversations.  Don’t know how to access Intune?   Skip down to Microsoft Admin Center.

Microsoft Admin Center

Small businesses may be pretty familiar with the Admin Center interface.  We will navigate to Intune through the endpoint management link.

NOTE:  Some device and application policies are configurable via the Microsoft 365 admin center from Devices > Policies.  Do not use this UI to setup and manage your policies.  Never, ever…  Ever, ever, ever… use Microsoft 365 Admin Center for setup and managing your policies.

Go Intune or go home!!!  Work only in the Intune / Device management portal. You have been warned.

Intune Admin Center

Our Intune support guide for mobile device Management has a nice illustration below of where you can access Intune admin center from the Microsoft Admin Center.  From there, we can access the features of Intune.  As you can see, the portal also contains some quick links to active directory features like users and groups.

Got Intune?

Use Intune Portal shortcut below or navigate to “Endpoint Manager” from the Microsoft Admin Center console if you have Microsoft 365 Business Premium or similar licensing.

Intune Support Guide for Mobile Device Management






Enroll devices | Windows Enrollment

To manage devices in Intune, devices must first be enrolled in the Intune service.  Both personally owned and corporate-owned devices can be enrolled for Intune management.





There are two ways to get devices enrolled in Intune:

  • Users can self-enroll their Windows PCs
  • Admins can configure policies to force automatic enrollment without any user involvement


Learn more about the two methods for Windows devices to enroll with Intune.  Check out our licensing post discussing what is required to have Intune running in your environment.

Intune Support Guide for Mobile Device Management







Illustrated below is the apps section of Intune.  In the overview section, we can see all apps as well as some monitoring as to what is going on with our apps.

By Platform

We can look at apps by platform.


We can look at the policies related to apps


And we have some other features of Intune like adding categories for our apps and authenticating users for company ebooks.  Let’s take a look at all app.

Intune Support Guide for Mobile Device Management








Intune Support Guide for Mobile Device Management Summary

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