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IT Support Help Desk

Time Saving Questions for your IT Support Help Desk Team

Feel free to copy, paste, and fill in fields below in your email:

  • Full Name:
  • Email Address:
  • Phone Number?  Extension?
  • Role:
  • Name existing user account who’s role is similar to the new employee
  • Any user accounts that need to be disabled and perhaps their license can be recycled? (Office 365 related questions)
    •   Do you wish to downgrade (if they have that license) from Business Premium to Essentials to keep their mailbox active?
      • You may only have Essentials.  Check with your IT team to confirm.
    • Better yet, do you wish to convert to a shared mailbox, assign the mailbox to group or a specific person, forward any current mail from the address to their boss or coworker?
    • What user if any do you want to give the terminated user’s OneDrive files and Mailbox share to?
    • License Suggestions:  Remove the license 24 hours from terminated user’s mailbox after mailbox shared.  Retain licenses and assign to other users later if they are not that many available.  ProTip!  Essentials or Premium license does not need to be active for forwarding and shared mailboxes to work.
  • Where or what is their main computer they utilize at the office?
  • Distribution Lists:
  • SharePoint Teams or Sites:
  • Start Date or Dates:

IT Support Help Desk – Ticket Creation Workflow

Good vs Bad Subject lines:  The more information you give your IT Support Help Desk, the better we can help you!

Example 1 –

Bad Subject Line:  Computer Down!

  • What computer? What exactly isn’t working?

Good Subject Line:  Jane’s Front desk HP Computer Failing

Email Body:  Be as detailed as possible.

Example 2 –

Bad Subject Line:  New employee

  • What’s their name?
  • What’s their location and or function?

Good Subject Line:  New User – Front Office

Email Body:  Be as detailed as possible.  Your IT Support Help Desk works better with as many details as you present.

Refer to the  Client support cheat sheet  for more details.

IT Support Help Desk Summary

We can work very quickly to expedite your ticket request if you are able to provide as much detail as possible on the first go around.


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