Migrating your email to Microsoft Hosted Office 365


Why are you switching?

The current setup is inadequate for the client’s needs.  The mailbox may be at it limits, using POP instead of IMAP or Exchange, or spam is cluttering the use of it.


Before you begin, it is essential to understanding the existing email workflow.  You can save a lot of money and headache by simply creating a spreadsheet of all the players involved.  Gather all the mailboxes, forwarders, etc; and what addresses you can consolidate in aliases to save money.  It is best to find someone that knows the lay of the land at the particular office, has been there for years, and work with them.


Email Mailbox Alias
chuck@acme.com Linda@acme.com
office@acme.com kimmy@acme.com, Wash@acme.com,


Establishing the IT Go-To Email

There will be a lot of correspondence that the outsourced IT person needs to work on.  Creating or utilizing a third party email avoids charging the client for additional mailbox account but also give the IT person an opportunity to deal with IT situations directly.  The obvious email to create is acme.general@gmail.com if the client doesn’t already have something similar.


Hosting Providers Details

Gather all the hosting provider details including support number, email address, and hours of operation

  • Who’s the registrar?
  • Who hosts the DNS?
  • Who is the current email host provider?
    • You will need to cancel their email service


Go to O365 Website

Select the package on Microsoft’s  O365 Business site to proceed with the setup. Purchase the following Exchange email service plans:

  • Office 365 Business Premium
  • Office 365 Business Essentials

We selected 3 users because we consolidated the email address and are left with three actual mailboxes.  The rest are aliases that redirect to the appropriate mailbox. The rest of your journey can be found on other Network Antics blogs.


Microsoft Hosted Office 365 Summary

The rest of your journey can be found on other Network Antics blogs.  We will re-post resources as we gather them.


Hosted O365 Resources:

Exchange or Mail Locally Hosted On-Site Resources:

Hosted or Local Hosted Links:



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