Computer Upgrades and Network Migration Support

Computer upgrades and migrations are no fun but necessary. Companies such as Microsoft and Apple stop support, and all the sudden you’re out of compliance with your risk management software and vulnerable to attack.

The life cycle of modern computers typically run between 3 and 5 years.  Computer Upgrades and Migrations should be coordinated within this period to avoid excessive IT cost.


Corporations have scheduled refreshes of all computers on a 3 year life cycle because of the expense of user downtime. It’s just not worth it.

Network Antics’ knows how to migrate and plan for future tiered replacements so you are not hit with the cost associated with replacing all the computers at one time.  Network migration support from small business server, an old domain environment, or whatever your situation is something our team can take on and lead you to a scalable solution.

The desktop OS becomes less important with the influx of more and more and better quality cloud based apps. This may not apply if you are in a less dynamic corporation and or cloud security is a concern. We can outline alternatives to the Mac and PC lineup with devices like thin clients. Our engineers can talk about your key concerns and create a game plan that fits your comfort zone and budget.

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