Server Support and Installation

server support installation

Do you have a server or is your server on its last leg? We can support, maintain, and migrate you off that antiquated box and on to something new.  Upgrades, server support and installation for most small businesses can be accomplished in less than a day.  A refresh or upgrade usually are due to space and corruptions issues.  This may be a good time to consider replacing the machine all together because of the age of the server.   However, a newer machine can generate its own issues with faulty hardware that cause untimely reboots or excessive files compromising the boot partition.

Our San Diego Server Support and Installation programs consist of:

  • Troubleshooting existing server hardware infrastructure
  • Create, backup, and maintain server.
  • Add users and devices to an existing network.

The client should be prepared to answer what exactly the server function is and do they have a network sheet filled with the existing IT inventory, IPs, and password information. They will ensure a correct quote the first time and expedite the overall timeliness of the project. Our server support engineers will request an on-site meeting and review all options including co-location.

Event Logs for the system, application, and security are key components of the hardware maintenance of a server.  Resolving these error notifications ensure the server is operating efficiently. Network Antics’ engineers assess backups are valid, drives are functioning, and security is not at huge risk for failure.

Budget minded small businesses may want to consider cost effective Network Attached Servers devices from Synology.   They not only have redundant storage but they also provide a variety of options for offsite backup.  Most small business devices can be found for under a thousand dollars.

Server Support and Installation Basic Tips

Please make sure you have a solid warranty before proceeding with the purchase of a new server.  Things happen and a expert team backing your product is essential for avoiding potential headaches.  Avoid shaving off a couple bucks now that will cost you exponentially more later.


More Penny Wise Pound Foolish Tips

  • The failure to purchase enough redundant array of hard disks.   A user is typically out of commission for at least a half a day if a drive fails on a laptop.  Imagine if their was limited or no redundancy for your network file server that everyone uses to access their files.  The costs associated with down users not to mention their clients would be cataclysmic for a business.
  • The lack of proactive alerts and patch management will create a Monday morning nightmare for your organization.  An exploit will happen when your IT team or is short handed or you simply don’t have a team in place that will bring down your server to it’s knees.  NetworkAntics’ Managed IT Services will not only have in place schedule patched management but alerts sent to the proper individuals of when the server does go down.

Server Support – Bottom Line

Make sure you have a qualified candidate administrating your server or servers.  There are all sorts of best practices that a certified engineer with years of experience has over some student or office admin that wears many hats.  Our value is peace of mind knowing that your avoids nightmare issues with a server installed and managed the wrong way.  It will ultimately cost your business a lot more through exploits and random network down failures.  Be safe, call NetworkAntics for maintenance, server support and installations.  We’re based in San Diego with offices in the Bay Area and support everywhere!

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