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We have been delivering small business IT support for over a decade on the west coast and have expanded nationwide.   Our vertical is health care and we welcome additional opportunities from other industries for providing Managed IT Services.   Our specialties are included below but building and maintaining relationships is what we pride ourselves in.

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The Evolution of Small Business IT Support

Small business IT support evolves significantly each decade. In the 80 to mid 90s, we had autonomous computers on what was known as a “sneaker-net.” Individuals would walk (sneakers) around to each computer manually transferring files. Then Al Gore created the internet and computers began talking each other on local and wide area networks.

Now we’re seeing the next business technology evolution. This is a hybrid model where a full time administrator is no longer necessary for a lot of small businesses and making deeper inroads into medium size businesses because companies are embracing the cloud approach.

Companies such as Google, Salesforce, and Apple pushed for this approach early on and you are now witnessing a complete shakeup of power in the IT world.  Network Antics’ understands that while a client server model approach is still widely used, it is no longer the de facto standard.  We would like to work with you and your workflow to find the best solution all within a modest budget.

“Let’s get going!”

There are many factors when considering a Small Business IT Support Consultant.  Most of it is dependent on the size and scale of the operation.  You will be hard pressed to find a domain controller operating in a user environment with 5 or less users.  This number has increased with the advent of SaaS systems.   Domain Controllers gained significant popularity during Microsoft era of dominance and is still very much common place in businesses over 5 years old or over 30 users.  The Domain Controller created a centralized location for users to authenticate with their unique user name and password that access the local area network.

However, the evolution of the cloud has migrated data from a local hosted model with domain controller authentication that opens your desktop to local files and applications.  Individuals found more flexible and productive ways of accessing their data through mobile apps and file syncing tools such as DropBox.  SaaS systems had their own set of credentials that pushes whatever OS you are using into a glorified dumb terminal for many small businesses.

Containing sensitive corporate information from outside intruders while giving users the intuitiveness of these cloud based apps is a difficult task for network administrators.  The high profiled attacks on Sony Pictures and celebrity cloud based storage has only further exasperated the problem of the internet and sensitive data being compromised.  What model do you use to improve workflow yet contain the yahoos on the web from compromising your data?    Let Network Antics’ assist with your Small Business IT Support today!

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