Office 365 Migrations

Office 365 Migrations are a frequently requested Network Antics services. Exchange email server is the essential service business organizations use that is provided by Office 365. It is substantially more stable, secure, and easier to collaborate than with POP or IMAP. You can lock down your email security through Multifactor Authentication and comes with significantly improved spam filtering. Messages that are synced to your phone and desktop are also more responsive. Concerns about PST database files becoming too big to become a thing of the past. Calendar appointments become much more visible and accessible on desktop Outlook and Outlook mobile. We love the feature called shared mailboxes.


Shared Mailboxes

Shared mailbox allow you to save money on mailbox licensing for Office 365 or Microsoft Business 365 as Microsoft now brands their suite of services after April 2020. For instance, every user typically has their own mailbox but they may also need to manage an Accounts Payable mailbox, Accounts Receivable, a customer support mailbox, etc. These additional shared mailboxes are free as long as the user’s mailbox is a member of these shared mailboxes.

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Corporate messaging systems became much easier and more secure to work with when Slack came out. Teams is offered by default in the suite of Office 365 services. It can not only providing a structured way of free-flowing chat within your organization, it also know for hosting Zoom like meetings or replacing your internal phone services if you purchase additional licensing. Check out the Microsoft 365 licensing options below for seeing what plans works best for your team.

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Many organizations do not simply stop at the point when they complete the Office 365 migrations. This is an opportunity for many organization to move away from your traditional file servers and migrate their data to Sharepoint sites that are access both through their Windows File Explore, Teams, and through their internal web interface. More security enhancements to the Sharepoint come by way of upgrading the subscriptions services to Microsoft 365 Business Premium or similar licensing offered by Microsoft.

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Microsoft 365 Business Premium

Office 365 Migrations to Exchange was for many organization their first taste of the suite of services Microsoft 365 has to office. Many savvy IT individuals find the ability for their team to authenticate into Windows 10 identification services a nice bonus. However, they are not able to secure authentication by location and restrict secure data from moving from their device once these organizations subscribe Microsoft 365 Business Premium. This is also known as conditional access and it’s a feature of Intune that comes with Business Premium. Read more below for understanding how your current traditional IT setup fits into the modern IT puzzle.

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