Restaurant IT Support

Restaurant IT Support can make or break a business.  To have a personable IT professional come in and immediately assess the situation, get to work, and not break anything is hard to find.  Expect a large percentage of your first project to be consumed by discovery before any implementation or migration begins.  However, the percentage is reduced depending on your needs and how much current documentation is in place.

We have all sorts of restaurant IT support requests.  We will list out some of the examples the requests as well as what actually we end up doing for them.


  • Point of Sales System traffic be segmented from the rest of network.

What we end up doing

  • Replacing the router because the current router is not capable of segmenting traffic
  • Adding VLAN switches because they can’t run any new Ethernet drops. Maybe it’s too labor inten$ive.
  • Adding new cable drops or cable runs because some restaurants it is not that difficult to add new drops.


  • Migrate the internet from Time Warner Spectrum to ATT fiber

What we end up doing

  • One of our larger accounts had over 24 drops or network connections throughout the restaurant. The setup was a mess. The documentation was out of date.  We ended up spending 10 hours on discovery.  This included test, tone, and mark cable.  Create an excel spreadsheet of the IT inventory as well as well as helpful IT navigation guide; and finally a password database file.
  • Migrated the internet service once we bought a new router, port forwarded the security cameras, and segmented the guest traffic from the rest of network.
  • Ran new drops for optimizing bandwidth and removed all rogue switches on the network.
  • PCI compliance risk assessment


  • Setup security cameras for streaming on phone

What we end up doing

  • New router for segmentation and QOS of traffic
  • Port forwarding cameras
  • Adding large network scope for guest traffic

Restaurant IT Support Summary

While we want to be a quick as possible, expect the first project to be ten to fifteen hours if you really want things working smoothly around your work.

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