Managed Backup IT Support

Businesses have an insatiable desire to archive endless amounts data requires a sophisticated for both on-site and off-site recovery.  Managed Backup IT Support can you assist you create, maintain, and maintain your archive data.

We understand enterprise backups.

hard drive 2At Network Antics’ we offer Managed Backup Services, a service that was designed by Certified Business Continuity and IT professionals so your team can focus on your priorities.

Disk to Disk, cloud, tape, etc…  Understanding your options when it comes to backup and recovery can be a bit overwhelming.   Network Antics’ will make sure you are provided the best solution for your situation.  And these solutions depending on how large the environment may include all of the latest types of backup technologies guaranteeing a complete solution to recovery from.

Our backup team will troubleshoot failed backups so you will have access to healthy copies of data. We work to provide you custom tailored backups.

These simple, flexible, and worry free backups are designed not to interfere with your complex business data processing; and are ready to scale as your business grows.

For your free Managed Backup IT Support consultation, fill out the form on the right or call us at (858) 225-7367.

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