As more and more corporations now embrace cloud based subscription services, Network Antics’ becomes a critical piece for what should be managed, local hosted, and explain the positives and negatives to co-location.

First instance, a few years back we introduced a cost savings alternative to an expensive subscription software for a popular EHR program hosted at the EHR’s data centers.

Rather than paying a lot for the software company to host, you buy it outright and have your organization host it. However, this still comes with the headache of substantial IT overhead.

We can custom tailor our services to the level of interaction you want from your hosting system.

Network Antics’s senior team has over 20 years of experience in designing and operating data centers that will allow you to make to determine the best solution for your team.

Free Your Team

Management IT team may be overly consumed by managing in-house data center needs when they could be better off developing strategies for workflow, data storage needs, virtualizing, and improving overall operational efficiency.Network servers in data center

Outsourced Hosting + Suite of Services = Complete Solution

Regulatory Compliance

As more business migrate their infrastructure to the cloud, they are discovering their data falls under government regulations. Meeting compliance can be overwhelming without a dedicated team. Your outsourced data center team comes with the resources necessary to fulfill all requirements and government that come with hosting your data.

Need some advice? Let Network Antics consult on your data center hosting needs. Whether it’s moving your entire server environment or some simple advice, Network Antics will be your most reliable resource in the digital age.

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