Managed Patching Service

Network Antics’ Managed patching service is the staple to a healthy network. We automatically update workstations and servers with the most recent security patches and software updates with our patching service.

IT Administrators network headaches are reduced significantly when they systems are always up to date. This IT Patch Managementbecomes more critical as your network spans multiple locations, domains, firewalls. Not to mention, compliance in such sectors such as health care and finance make it a mandatory item performed on a daily basis.

Many of these problems can arise through poor user policies and not evolving as hackers malicious attacks evolve.

“Just Say No to Viruses!”

Complete disregard for on-going patch management will ultimately lead network down issues and even worse, compromised confidential data.  Network Antics’ Managed IT Services produces a lot bang for its buck. Our automated service requires less resources, more value, and is very flexible. Whether you have one domain or multiple, Network Antics’ delivers a seamless patching service that integrates into your existing system.

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