Sharepoint OneDrive IT Support

Sharepoint OneDrive IT Support

Sharepoint OneDrive IT Support is very involved task for your IT team to manage.  SharePoint and OneDrive for Business combined give you unlimited amount of communal storage when subscribed to Microsoft Office 365 Business Essentials.  Read the four section below before we get to the Sharepoint OneDrive IT Support Install.

Here’s the gist of features:

  • Teams is awesome! –  Forget all the mumbo jumbo below & create a Sharepoint site through the Teams interface.
  • OneDrive for Business – Allows you to store personal data in the cloud and access from anywhere.
  • SharePoint Drive – The contents of your Sharepoint team sites are synced when you install OneDrive for Business if you force the sync.  SharePoint is a communal storage space.  You can have multiple SharePoint “sites” for storage.
  • Right now, we created a communal site called “sandbox” at the URL
  • We can also access the same data using OneDrive on our computer and phone as displayed below.
  • Sharing large docs or any type of document becomes easier with OneDrive. Simply right click the document from file explore and share  as displayed below.

Tips from experience:

1: ONLY create the sharepoint sites via teams.
2: Make sure anyone who is going to connect to it has the latest version of OneDrive installed
3: Err on the side of more smaller channels (see #1) than less, larger file stores. The initial file reconciliation can slow down the login process dramatically.
4: teach your users to use teams for file access. And eventually phase out one drive all together.

I already have the Sharepoint site setup.  How do I setup the workstation OneDrive for Business and Sharepoint client?

Scroll down this page to “Create a site – SharePoint” for  complete Sharepoint setup.  Otherwise, stop right here and click right below  “setup onedrive client for business” for the workstation setup.

Setup OneDrive for Business Client Software and include Sharepoint Access

Important Resource Links:

Sharepoint OneDrive IT Support Things to Consider:

  • Unlimited Storage for Sharepoint Communal Drive.  1 TB for Business Personal.
  • User data loss when user terminated?  Need to review.
  • Mac limitations.  I don’t believe there’s OneDrive software for the Mac.
  • Document Library. 5000 items per library.  Need to set max 5 versions of a file.


Where would I find my OneDrive for Business and Sharepoint Drive?


These are the important locations when looking at Window desktop and opening file explore

Sharepoint OneDrive IT Support






One Drive Personal is not important for a business desktop computer setup.  Regardless, each user can have they own personal business drive plus Sharepoint Drive or Sharepoint Library for communal space.

Sharepoint OneDrive IT Support








Make sure you have setup Sharepoint prior to the software install OneDrive for Business (Required).  Sharepoint setup is a one and done activity.  From that point forward, you just need to sync/download the OneDrive.  For setting up Sharepoint, skip to the section below.  For One Drive, stick around…

Sharepoint OneDrive IT Support Install

Make sure you utilize IE for setup of OneDrive.  Go to to access the OneDrive setup as illustrated below.   It is highly suggested you uninstall the outdated version of OneDrive and download the latest version of One Drive for Business (as seen in step 3) before proceeding.









Go back to step 2 and “sync” after you have installed Sharepoint One Drive for Business.  Obviously, select “work or school” over “personal” when you setup OneDrive for Business.  The default location for data sync storage from your local computer to the cloud is c:\user\user_name\OneDrive


You need sync/setup the community drive on Sharepoint.  This allows you collaborate with others in your business.  Make sure you setup Sharepoint first as documented below then skip to “Sync Sharepoint Document” section further down this blog point to sync the community drive and have it displayed on your computer.


Active Users


Create a site – SharePoint

Team Site is ideal for setting up One Drive for Business

Sharepoint OneDrive IT Support






These are the ideal default settings below for sharepoint setup

Sharepoint OneDrive IT Support













Specify which users are owners of the group

Sharepoint OneDrive IT Support
















Sync Sharepoint Document

Create new Document to perform a one time sync to the desktop.  This will initiate the business client download.



Sync and download business version




Enable Anonymous Link Sharing

Sending anonymous links to users does not work out of the box.








It must be configured in the Sharepoint Admin Center under “sharing”


Admin Center, sharepoint, settings


A quick recap, first we synced a local copy of each user’s ODFB (OneDrive for Business), then synced the SharePoint document library for each user. Next, we went onto SharePoint guest vs. anonymous link sharing capabilities. I will also paste in a link with a training video of an intro SharePoint document libraries.

How to sync ODFB and SharePoint document libraries:

  1. Sign into in IE
    2. Click on ODFB sync document library
    3. A sub window will pop up for you to sign into ODFB. Sign in with your Office 365 credentials. When prompted click “Work Account,” and >Next” “Next.”
    4. After this is complete, go back to office in IE. Click on the top left Menu tile, and Select SharePoint.
    a) If you do not see your SharePoint site that you have memeber acces to, please go to Outlook and click on the email invite to the SharePoint group. Once the email invite is open scroll down to “Create Content Seamlessly” and click on “Check it out.”
    5. Click on the Document library and click on “Start Sync.”
    6. Click Next when prompted.

**OneDrive for Business local app vs OneDrive local app:




Steps to change external sharing permissions to allow anyone to get shared links


This is ideal for sharing out one time links to third party users or organizations with a certain validity period.  The first step is go into the, select sharepoint admin center, click sharing, and adjust “anonymous access links… “ expiration date.  Don’t be feel comfortable in command shell? Sharepoint OneDrive IT Support is a phone call away!




The second step is to get the SharePoint Online Management Shell. If you already have it downloaded, open the SharePoint Online Management Shell and skip to step 3.


  1. Download and run the SharePoint shell from this link:


  1. Type ‘sharepoint’ after opening the Start menu and open the SharePoint Online Management Shell.


  1. At the command prompt, type, replacing the word ‘organization’ in the Url with your company name:

Connect-SPOService -Url


For example, with your organization:

Connect-SPOService -Url


  1. You will be prompted from a popup window to enter your admin credentials. After you have done so, you will be connected in the command line window.
    1. If you have any problems with this part, see this article with detailed instructions:


  1. At the command line, type, replacing the word ‘url’ with the Url of the site/group whose sharing permissions you want to change (get it from the address bar after navigating to it in SharePoint):

Set-SPOSite -Identity url -SharingCapability ExternalUserAndGuestSharing

Note: With SharePoint when creating a site it converts it to a group so when enabling external sharing it has to be done for each group.


Set-SPOSite -Identity -SharingCapability ExternalUserAndGuestSharing


  1. To avoid anonymous links use the following cmdlet:

Set-SPOSite -Identity -SharingCapability ExternalUserSharingOnly


For example: with the SharePoint group, “Sandbox,” the command is as follows:


Set-SPOSite -Identity SharingCapability ExternalUserAndGuestSharing



After refreshing SharePoint, you should now be able to get an anonymous link to send to anyone (the Anyone option will be available in your Link Settings when you try to share a document).




How To Add an External Guest User

This section covers third party users that an organization collaborates frequently with on perhaps some on-going project or projects.


  1. From OWA (Outlook Web), click on the Office 365 Group you’d like to add the Guest too.
    1. In my example, the group name is “Test External.”




  1. In the top right corner, click on Members.

Sharepoint OneDrive IT Support




  1. Go to the Guest tab and click on Add Member. Type in the email address and Save changes.

Sharepoint OneDrive IT Support








  1. Next, user will receive an email, have them open the email and click on “Access Files.” This will take them to an O365 login, where they use the credentials for the email address we used to add the Guest User.

Sharepoint OneDrive IT Support



  1. You will see a message while the account is being activated. Then, the user will be directed to the SharePoint Group Page.



Sharepoint OneDrive IT Support Summary

Small businesses do not know the benefits or even that it’s a feature of Office 365 Business Essentials.  They are more concerned about their Exchange email but it’s pretty impressive suite of offerings if you start peeling away at all what Office 365 has to offer.

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