Malware & Virus Support by Webroot…

Webroot virus support

Protection That Works!!!   Well most of the time and it’s less annoying than its virus protection competitors.   Just do us a favor and don’t use AVG, Symantec, McAfee or default to Microsoft Defender.  Their virus support does absolutely nothing to protect you from a ransomware attack.

ProTip!  Read up on what Webroot has to say about protecting your environment against Ransomware attacks.

Console Interface – Global Site Manager

There’s the home version for virus support and then there’s managing a business or several businesses if you are an MSP.

Sites and Policies

They are custom policies you can or recycle

This is a list of all policies available.   We are in the site called “networkantics”.  NetworkAntics has selected “recommended defaults” policy

virus support

Manual or Customized Settings

You can force individual workstations to custom settings with all endpoints for the site Networkantics

Virus support

Virus Support

Webroot is Flexible

Works with:

RMM – (


API Access

Virus Support

Virus Support Summary

Don’t sit idle until your data is compromised and your computer or business is praying for valid and recent backups.  .  I have yet to try their cloud offering.  Kapersky gives me the heebeegeebees with its Russian affiliation.  ESET, Sophos and TrendMicro maybe worthy of looking at too.

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