West Coast EMR IT Support for eClinicalworks now covers Los Angeles and Orange County Markets

Our ongoing partnership with eClinical has introduced us to a variety of small and large medical practices throughout Orange County and Los Angeles. The initial site surveys we provide have discovered large operating expenditures that were simply not necessary just by looking at statements like their Internet and Phone service from companies like Verizon and ATT. We try to encourage medical practices and small businesses to commit to an initial site survey provided by the lovely people at NetworkAntics. This investment starts to pay for itself immediately.

The cost analysis that we bring to the table after reviewing all the clients historical IT data will most likely reveal a variety discrepancies on operating expenditures that we usual fix right on the Eclinical-IT-Los-Angeles-300x239spot through a series of phone calls to your service providers.  NetworkAntics offers substantial additional savings through us offering services like Infrastructure as a Service and hosting in eClinicalworks in the virtual office environment versus the status quo of buying a server every three to five year. Unlike many EMR companies, eCW client app is not located in a web browser. Therefore, practices must consider the cost of implementing on each machine and the ongoing maintenance having software installed in their local environment rather than hosting everything in the cloud.
The shift even in the past year from having your local mom and pop IT shop supporting the onsite IT infrastructure to the collocation (moving servers to the data center) of your data is significant. Enterprise class IT solutions that are now offered to small practices in random places like Torrance, Tustin, and West Covina (all places we served within the last month) simply did not have the money to take advantage of the highly scalable and robust technology are now available to the common man.

This allows to take advantage of things such as email collaboration between everyone at work, 24×7 support with improved Service Level Agreements, the flexibility of working from anywhere, and the peace of mind that your data is always being backed up. Not to mention, the expertise of having a certified eClinicalworks IT partner providing the west coast EMR IT support at your finger tips to notify such amazing events as the new iPad application that is going to be released with eCW version 10, which is expected to be released by the end of Q1 2013.

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